Taste Food Studio – Local Jacksonville Blogger’s Private Tasting Event 3/24/14

I got a random message from Jerry of Jaxrestaurantreviews.com asking me if I want to attend a special tasting event. I thought to myself: “Hell Yeah!” “Here at Taste Food Studio we use… Continue reading

Interview/Giveaway – Alpha School of Massage with Rachel Stancil 2/4/14

I recently got inspired by a recent interview my Yelp Community Manager did and decided I need to do some damn interviews too! I thought about what is interesting and awesome right now?… Continue reading

Simply Sara’s: Yelp Elite Event 1/26/24 *Preview

Restaurant Orsay: Special 7 Course Dinner – Jacksonville, FL 12/12/2013

This is easily my favorite restaurant in Jacksonville. I worked with the Executive Chef Brian Siebenschuh and the Yelp Community Manager Allie A. to host a fundraiser at Orsay to fund this special… Continue reading

CMYE Yelp Event Boston’s – Jacksonville 11/5/13

So many updates, so little time!  

Community Yelp Event at Indochine – Jacksonville, FL 10/26/13

My Yelp review: “smokin on indo(chine), sippin on gin and juice’….uhhhhhh….laid backkk. So i have been to the Indo beside Burrito Gallery and i’m not really a fan. (do try the coconut creme… Continue reading

Filipino Pride Day 10/19/2013

Random shots from Filipino Pride Day on 10/19/2013.                     

Filipino Pride Day – AJ Rafael Meet and Greet: 10/19/13

I got to photograph Youtube star AJ Rafael’s Meet and Greet at Filipino Pride Day. It was crazy and fun being behind the scenes. Most of them are not looking because they wanted… Continue reading

Rachel photo shoot – Big Talbot Island 10/20/13

My friend Jose randomly called me to help him with a photo shoot.  Beach plus model equals win. Here is a preview.

Art Walk – Jacksonville, FL 10/19/2013

I’ve been taking a ton of pictures lately and I’m going to start posting more things not just food. Here is a little preview of an Art Walk that i went to in… Continue reading