Sushiko – Nom Nom Club Private Dinner 6/18/14

$25 including tip and everything? Yup
Unlimited alcohol? Yup
7 courses? Yup
Private dinner Closed down for 25 of the biggest foodies? Yup

We had rock, paper, scissors, for your free $25 dinner (Winner: Anthony N.). I have video of the finals it was pretty surrious. We did a raffle slash sushi ingredient guessing competition, for a free 1 hour massage(Winner:Julie A.).

When i say unlimited alcohol i mean u n l i m i t e d. We prob tried every type of Sake on the menu. Pear, Plum, Hot, Cold, Milk looking sake, all types of wine, green tea, point to drink menu and you shall receive. My favorite was the strawberry sushi and the mango sushi. I can eat both of those til I get sick. That lil fruit salad was about as fresh and sweet as it gets. The staff was genuinely nice and Ellie the co-owner….good lawd shes cute! hahah. You can tell they really care from the service to the attention to detail on the food.

All you heard was laughing and munching the whole time. Old friends, new friends, if you don’t know about the nom nom club you better axe somebody. Next event is set for August 4th.

sushi-20 sushi-23 sushi-22 sushi-21  sushi-19  sushi-17  sushi-15 sushi-14 sushi-13 sushi-12 sushi-11
sushi-8 sushi-10sushi-5 sushi-4
IMG_2513 sushi-2