Taste Food Studio – Local Jacksonville Blogger’s Private Tasting Event 3/24/14

I got a random message from Jerry of Jaxrestaurantreviews.com asking me if I want to attend a special tasting event. I thought to myself: “Hell Yeah!”


“Here at Taste Food Studio we use the finest all natural ingredients, carefully prepared handmade food that is truly fresh, light, crisp and Tasty.”


Some Key Points:


-Taste Food Studio is beautiful inside and out. Modern design and decor. Good lookin bar and Pizza  oven area.

-The “Thanksgiving style table was perfect and I love how the plates and silverware were presented. I have done a couple events and this table setup was the way to go.

-Big thank you to taste for opening just for us for this dinner. I’m all about the VIP feel.

-In the beginning we were told 3 or 4 courses, but it ended up being like 14 courses. It was a gift and a curse. If I had known there was going to be that many courses I would of slowed down on the flatbread pizzas.

-I think a 7-9  course smaller portion dinner would have been better.

For example:

Start with one of the cocktails or a 3 small cocktail sampler

1) Crabcake was perfect size

2) 2 or 3  flatbread sampler but smaller bites like  a 3inch by 3inch square

3) 2 taco sampler but smaller tortilla and portions almost like dim sum size would be perfect

4) Shrimp and Scallop dish was perfect size

5) Shimp and grits smaller grits portion

6) Meatball dish smaller portion

7) Filet Mignon dish was perfect size

8) Lamb dish was perfect size

9) Dessert small portions

-I was oh so patiently waiting the whole time for dessert but the manager said that most people were barely eating anymore cause they were so full. =( I was devastated.









Table setup.










Shortcake – I liked this cocktail. I would call it a dessert cocktail cause its sweet. This is one of those sneaky drinks cause you can keep drinking it and bam your faded!


Crabcake – This is what im talkin bout! I’m a sucker for mango and I can literally eat it until I get sick. It was all crab and very little filler, seasoned and cooked perfectly. I loved the presentation and I want to know what they did to the mango on top. 5 stars


Meatballs – This is a picture of the larger portion on the picture taking table. We received one meatball each which was more than enough. I think half the size would of been better. This dish is also 5 stars in my book. That homemade marinara, super fluffy puff pastry, and scrumptious meatball is the perfect combination.


All the flatbreads were good and were even better the next morning lol. My favorite was the KONA ISLAND – Mango sauce
with premium whole milk mozzarella,grilled chicken, mango chutney, and bacon. Just read those ingredients…..enough said.  Honey Mustard Hawaiian- Creamy honey mustard with
premium whole milk mozzarella, grilled chicken, bacon and pineapple is a winner also. I could rotate these 2 all night.


Shrimp Scallop and Parmesan Crostini Scallop and Shrimp cooked perfectly and delish. I loved the Crostini, it had a perfect toast on it. Not too soggy not to crispy and i enjoyed the seasonings.


Braised Short Rib Taco – It was ok, I think all tacos should have some sort of salsa or pico with it. That would give it more flavor and enhance the presentation


Pork Belly taco – This one was scrumptious! That was a nice piece of Pork Belly…no pico needed here! Bacon lovers unite!


Smoked cheddar grit cake, topped with a house made Creole sauce, blackened jumbo tiger shrimp and andouille sausage. For this plate I would went with one shrimp, that sliver of sausage, spoon of creole sauce, and a much smaller grit cake. I liked everything but I believe the grit cake was a little dry.


When he said Filet, I said oh la la! I really didn’t have much room for this cause I was so full, but I quickly told my stomach to digest double time. I really wanted to make sweet love to this dish but it was overcooked as seen below =(((( my knife was struggling. I should of sent it back, a couple of people around me were overcooked as well.






The Grilled Lamb Chop with Truffle Mashed potato and Balsamic reduction. This dish is straight money! Line a couple of these lamb chops up and  ill destroy them. Super tender, seasoned perfectly, nice grilled flavors…this is how I wanted my filet to be cooked! If you go to Taste, Taste this!


**Another key point is the time in between courses. I like at least 5 more minutes in between courses would have been optimal.** This was my setup at one point.


Taste has ALOT of potential! They have special events like Taco Tuesday, Wine Down Wed, local bands, comedy shows, DJs.


Taco Tuesday


Wine Down Wednesday


Manager doing work




In the end, I would say 4/5 stars. Taste Food Studio has some dishes that are 5 stars and some that are like a 3-4. Maybe some just weren’t executed properly this night. When I come back I’m hitting the Lamb Chops, Meatballs, Mango Crab or Mango Pizza. Thank you to Jerry from jaxrestaurantreviews.com for inviting me to this amazing event. Thank you to Stacey from www.starpulp.com for putting me on her links page so Jerry could find me.

*I really would like to work management and the chefs at Taste and host 5-9 course dinner for say 8-12 people on a private Monday night.

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