Interview/Giveaway – Alpha School of Massage with Rachel Stancil 2/4/14

I recently got inspired by a recent interview my Yelp Community Manager did and decided I need to do some damn interviews too! I thought about what is interesting and awesome right now? Freakin full-body massages of course! Name a place where you can get a premium one hour massage for less than $35? It’s ok, i’ll wait…..the place your searching for is Alpha School of Massage.

They have a student named Jennifer and she is the best masseuse in the world! I have gotten at least 5 massages from her in the last 2 months and have one scheduled for tomorrow 2/5/14. Just tell her what aches and close your eyes! That is why i’m giving away a free one hour massage from Jen!

I’ve been coming to Alpha for years now and nothing comes close. I feel like a lot of people still don’t know about it, so I decided to do an interview/giveaway. I called Alpha and asked them if they wanted to do an interview and bam i’m a news reporter haha.

Hands massaging beautiful women

Alpha School of Massage was started by Michael Laney. He attended the Jacksonville School of Massage which use to be down the road from Alpha. He decided that Jacksonville needed a better school and opened Alpha in 1995. Another graduate of Jacksonville School of Massage, Edward Driggers bought the school the same year and has owned it ever since.


with Rachel in front of Alpha School of Massage

Rachel says that people should come to Alpha because: “It gives people the opportunity to receive an excellent massage at a very low cost.” For me, I have always wanted to do a Hot Stone Massage. Unfortunately, most places charge $150-$200. At Alpha it’s the same price as their other massages $25-$30. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a really unique experience. They also offer a Chronic Headache Massage, a Couples Massage, a 4-hand massage with two therapists, a Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage, and of the course the good old Swedish Massage.

I asked her: “Why are the prices so cheap?” You could easily charge double for the massages you offer. Rachel says: “The massages are from students and they believe that is a fair price to charge for a student massage.” Alpha’s massages are worth every penny! Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Alpha is also a school hence the name Alpha School of Massage. I asked Rachel: “Why should people enroll at Alpha?” It cost $200 to enroll and $99/month. You have two options. If you do the 900 hour program, they will waive the $9,000 tuition. If you choose the 500 hour program tuition is $5,000.

Why are the massage therapists so good? Rachel says Alpha has excellent instructors! “Alpha School of Massage has two instructors (Michael & Driggers) that have been continuously employed at Alpha School of Massage since 1995. That’s right, two instructors that have been here well over 15 years. Experience does make a difference.”

Tell me about Jennifer? Jennifer enrolled in June 2013. She told me that Jennifer gets tons of requests. I always ask for Jen when I get a massage and usually I have to schedule my massage 2 days in advance….but it’s worth it! I asked her: “Why is Jennifer so good?” Rachel says: Jennifer really cares and she truly wants people to feel better. In my experience with Jennifer, you can really tell she knows her stuff. She will find places with tension that you have never thought about. Her scalp massage will put you to sleep and she does a long stroke from your foot to shoulder to your hand that will put you on Cloud 9.

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Here are your giveaway instructions:

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3)     On Feb 7th, I will pick a winner and you will receive one massage from the best masseuse in town, Jennifer! (A time will be scheduled from 9-5pm)