Community Yelp Event at Indochine – Jacksonville, FL 10/26/13

My Yelp review:

“smokin on indo(chine), sippin on gin and juice’….uhhhhhh….laid backkk. So i have been to the Indo beside Burrito Gallery and i’m not really a fan. (do try the coconut creme brulee) I decided to do it for the Yelp, people were gna be dressed up, and if ever a Yelp event, thou shall not miss! I cashed in my free drank ticket and went for the Blood Orange Margarita! It was delish and Jimmy P. hopped on the bandwagon and got it too. I seriously went to every halloween shop trying to find an awesome costume. I desperately wanted this ninja turtle costume but it didn’t fit! I settled for some vampire fangs but they didn’t work out. I should of got the buzz lightyear costume… time im going all out and getting my costume early. I decided to go with the $10 Chicken and Beef Pho. It was as good as it gets in comparison to the infamous Bowl of Pho and my favorite Pho Today by Tinseltown. I like the presentation of sauces and the plating of everything. I was snacking on steamed dumplings, crab rangoons, and the chicken satay with Mark B. I loved the coconut curry sauce that came with the chicken and I was tossing dumplings like popcorn. Mark B. also ordered the Whole Red Snapper. That thang was massive they brought it out on a “stretcher” and we attacked it like hyenas! I loved the table side presentation, I got it on video too. Thank you Mark for sharing all your food I was stuffed. Allie made lil bags of candy! I ended up sneaking them into the movies to watch Bad Grandpa hahah it was perfecto. I always wanted to try Sweet Pete’s taffy and it was scrumptious! Grape taffy hit the spot and there was also a $4 gift card in the bag…thats what im talkin bout! Zorro was the best costume to me, he was into it and had the voice to match! Allie really got into it and was playing the guitar on her knees hahah I have pictures! I finally got to meet Anne Marie…all i remember is looking at her profile and saying lawd shes cute! We weren’t friends on Yelp but now we are! Hope to see you at the next Elite event!

Yay! I’m a fan. Good job Allie!