Tres Leches – Yelp Elite Event 10/7/2013

I have always wanted to be the official photographer for an event. My Yelp community manager asked me if I would do it for some VIP event tickets and I said hell yea! Enjoy the +100 pictures!



















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3 milks! Always good times with good people with good food at these elite events. It sure filled up fast. There wasn’t enough seating but it made you be more social cause you were bumping into tons of yelpers or people serving you food. I’m walking around like oh hey, oh noms….don’t mind if i do, oooh desserts, ooooh sangria, oh hey, did you say Mimosa? Can I have a half Sangria/half Mimosa? Sangrosa? Do you want to take a picture?

Let’s talk about the purple power as Tess B. calls it. That’s what i’m talking bout! Mark B. came out of nowhere with the purple dress/skirt number, Tess B. was rocking the purple dress with the bad ass back tattoo to match, Ruby A. was representin, my plus 1’s was rockin the purp, Anthony H. came in his Baltimore Ravens purp, Dewayne R. had the purple express wipe me down fit, Allie had the purple toes, Juile well uhh ya it was your idea, I forgot the other guys name but he had a purple shirt too, he thought it was just a coincidence that we were all wearing purple. He said sunday best=purple hahah. We forgot to take a group Purple picture =( and also a jumping one =(

I really liked the Mimosa, I can drink a gallon uh that. The Waldorf Chicken Salad was pretty scrumptious, my plus 1’s loved the grapes. I liked that lil quiche with leeks in it, nice lil healthy snack. The plantain chorizo quiche I only had one bite, I need to eat another one to talk about it lol. My favorite was the black and white meringue cookie! Man i fux with that! All i remember is saying to my group damn this is good and Carolanne had the whole cookie stuffed in her mouth like uhh yup! hahah it had a nice crunch on the outside, looked defkinlicious, and it was super fluffy on the inside. I could use a bag of those at the movie theater. The flan tasted good but the texture was like brains, i think its cause it was a rice pudding? I prefer a smooth textured flan. I like that were a lot of raffles. I won some Yelp Elite socks! Yesssss! I really wanted that catering deal, your lucky Mark B. and whoever else got it!

That waitress with the cool hair was awesome her name was Shay, one of my plus 1’s was swooning lol but we wont say any names. I had no idea Tres Leches was right there, I think they got new signage. I want to go to that Paella Party soon and try some of those cakes. In the end, it was a jolly good time. If your not Elite, I don’t know wtf your doing with your life.