Maple Street Baking Company – Jacksonville, FL


This place has been on my hit list for awhile now. Dani V. finally gave me the last nudge I needed to get there. I invited my friend and we set out to find the elusive Maple Street Biscuit Company. It was tough because in my head I was thinking Maple or Soul Food Bistro? I’ve only been to Soul Food once, but I’ve been feenin those fried wings n things ever since. I fought the cravings…saying to myself: ill walk into maple, if i’m not feeling it, were going to Soul Food. It feels like a “Country IKEA” inside. As soon as i walk in, I glance at the plates coming up, I think to myself little biscuit, $7? hmmm overpriced chic-fil-a sammy? I started to study the menu and I guess it drew me in. and my friend looked pretty excited..the menu is pretty intense…bacon? fried egg? house pepper jelly? maple syrup? collard greens? hot sauce? I WANTED IT ALL! My two picks came down to The Farmer vs. The Sticky Maple. I asked the cashier (who I figured out was the owner) which was better? The Farmer (with Apple Butter) or The Sticky Maple (with Maple Syrup)? In my mind, I was swimming in a pool of maple syrup, but unfortunately, he said go with the Apple Butter. I said are you sure? you sure? I decided to trust him and fight my urges. When I came in to Maple, I expected my mind to be blown and blown it was! When the food came out it was like an oasis, it was overflowing with apple butter, the cheese was glistening, and that was a fat ass piece of chicken. The first bite blew my mind, that apple butter is the truth. You hit that flaky, fresh biscuit, that crunchy bacon, the cheese, that juicy chicken, then the apple butter gives you that sweet zing and ties it all together. I was shoveling that apple butter with my fingers hahahhah. Dani V. told me about there special “Maple Tap” Coffee. The description reads: Body: Medium As the name implies this has just a hint of maple in the roasting process. A must try. It was everything I thought it would be, thank you Dani! Plain jane coffee with a kick! The coffee is unlimited and you can get some to go!  They stack like 100 mugs on the counter it looks pretty cool and kind of dangerous at the same time. I talked to the owner, I asked him if he cared if I took pictures and he said fire away (i already took 50 pics but I wanted to talk to him) He was really nice, I talked to him about yelp and there new location at the beaches. I told him that we should have a Yelp event there or at the new beaches location. Hint, nudge, Allie, yeah! He gave me his card, I thanked him, and we were on our way. I’ll definitely be back ASAP Rocky. Ruby A. talked about Iced Pecan Cinnamon buns in her review, they have house made pecan pie, I still have to try The Sticky Maple, and I could drink that Maple Tap coffee all day!

P.S. When you order, they ask you a question? The question of the day was: What’s your favorite part of Jacksonville? I said Riverside Arts Market because its awesome and I saw it in Daisy D.’s review hahahah. So when your order is ready they yell out your answer. My friend and I then thought of better answers…..

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