The Happy Grilled Cheese – Jacksonville, FL





All American.


Ham Apple Melt.



Hoards came after we ate.


Fellow Yelper Julie A. tagged me in a photo on Instagram of The Happy Grilled Cheese Food Truck. We planned for a group of us to hit the truck on Saturday but, I got too excited about the whole One Spark event and decided to drag my other friend along. Before I left, I checked the Jax Truckies Facebook page and I saw that they were opening up at 8pm-12am. 8pm rolls around and it’s nom nom time! Unfortunately, my friend and I ended up walking in the wrong direction, but that didn’t stop us!! 15 minutes later we finally make it to the cheesy oasis!

I don’t remember the last time I ate a Grilled Cheese Sandwich! My sister use to make them all the time and I always wondered why is it so damn good?! Anyways, so I studied the menu before I left and I already knew I wanted the: ($6) The Ham Apple Melt – Aged Swiss Cheese, Smoked Ham, and Apple Slices! It wasn’t on their menu board but they made it happen. After all that flippin walking, it was really nice to sit down (Yes! they had chairs and tables!) and inhale all that gooey goodness!! It was a simple grilled cheese with an apple kicker. I liked it, then again you can’t really mess up a grilled cheese samich. My friend got the All American and was happy with it.

I just saw in Caron S.’s review she speaks of a Nutella Melt: peanut butter, bananas, Nutella and powdered sugar! How did I not see this on the menu!? I need that in my life! They need to put that in bigger font like NUTELLA MELT: come get it!

I’m glad they answered the phone when I called. I probably would of gave up and ate at another truck. The customer service is great, the employees are nice, and I loves the cheese! I also added pictures for your viewing pleasure.