Delicomb – Jacksonville, FL




Chicken Pesto Panini – ErmmMMm so good. Perfect toast on that fresh Ciabatta bread, moist chicken with melted cheddar and home made pesto. The little Kale Salad was the perfect addition to the healthy party.



Acai Bowl with Blueberries, Pineapple, and Bananas – Ladies and Gentlemen this is what I came to Delicomb for and I was not dissapointed!

Presentation level: Sexy

Taste level: Redonkulous

I could eat this everyday just rotating fruits like strawberries and peaches. This is the perfect bite before hitting the beach then come back for the pesto or the club sammy.


The Club- This bad boy is a tad pricey at $13. It does not disappoint, this triple decker sandwich has turkey, ham, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and marble toast. It was really good and hit the spot but I think a $9 price tag would suffice.


Finally tried these Voodoo chips. Cant really mess up chips and the bag looks cool!


So many goodies to try!


In the end, Delicomb is a must eat! If your anywhere near the beach you have to stop by. Everything is magically delicious and made with love. If only I lived closer and went to the beach more. I shall return Delicomb.

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