Pele’s Wood Fire (Again) – Jacksonville, FL

Pele’s 2nd day in row! I was cooking up some Split Pea soup at home and just finished. My friend calls and says you wanna get something to eat? I said have you been to Pele’s Wood Fire? The rest is history.


Custom Pizza – My friend couldn’t figure out what to order so they went with a custom meat lovers: Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage, and Fresh Basil.


Some of the white sauces – Pizza Menu


I went with the PIGGLY PINE – Slow roasted kalua pig, carmelized pineapple, hand-pulled mozzerella, fresno chilis, cilantro, extra virgin olive oil. This is usually a white sauce pizza, but the red sauce is too yummy so i switched it. I also switched out the fresno chilis for pears…so good!


La Dolce Vita – Dessert Menu


Oreo Fritti AKA Deep Fried Oreos – Killer Whale battered and fried Oreos with 4 different sauces: raspberry jam, chocolate espresso sauce, caramel ricotta cream, and sweet whip.

When I got home yesterday, I was looking at Pele’s on Yelp and I saw a picture of the oreos! I was thinking I didn’t even see those on the menu, maybe because it’s called Oreo Fritti and not Deep Fried Oreo’s! I tried some deep fried Oreo’s from a food truck and California and I’ve been craving them ever since! They give you about 12 Oreos so it’s best to split it with someone. I split it with my friend and we had 3 left.  It was good but I felt like it was missing something, maybe use a double stuffed Oreo?


Oreo drenched in raspberry jam

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